Can An Application Design A Room For You?

Designing a room can be daunting when you don’t have experience in the field. You don’t know where a chair goes or how to angle the bed to catch the sunlight every morning. Furthermore, not everyone can afford to hire a professional with an interior design degree.
Wouldn’t it be best if you could plan a room in a virtual setting? We had the same idea and constructed a list of the best architectural visualization services recommended by 3D artists.

Benefits of 3D visualization Applications

  • Most users will not see the décor as envisioned until it is in its physical state. The architectural visualization platforms will mimic the earlier stages of interior decorating to maintain interest and investment until it is completed.
  • 3D visualization platforms keep the costs maintained too, and they are cheaper than returning and purchasing items in physical form. Animations help 3D artists recognize the best use for furniture and other things to renovate real estate.
  • Architectural 3D rendering services provide an accurate representation of the interior and furnishings. The user will experience high-definition output before marking the renovation as approved. It is attractive and affordable, all you expect from a modern tool.
  • Designers can efficiently distribute architectural visualizations through the platforms too. The users can share their 3d floor plan on social media or forward it to experts to receive their professional opinion. Such platforms engage everyone involved and make them feel included.
  • Virtual reality has entered interior design. You can now plan your room on an application in a completely virtual setting. After the plan is completed, many architectural rendering services offer a virtual tour to interact with the surroundings thoroughly. You are in the driver’s seat of planning, so don’t crash!

The most reliable apps to visualize your room


Planner 5D

Planner 5D is at the top of the list of 3D rendering applications. It is categorized as a detailed architectural rendering platform. Planner 5D aids the user in easily creating their room by providing the largest to the minutest detail possible. It offers windows, doors, and partitions to successfully layout a floor plan. In addition, the platform will also let you tackle the exterior too. You can do landscaping and use gardening tools to mimic your outer surroundings.
«3D visualization platforms keep the costs maintained too. They are certainly cheaper than returning and purchasing items in physical form.»
Igor Polyakov
Igor Polyakov
Zarender, Creative Director


Another mention in 3D rendering tools is Roomstyler. It is an excellent platform that lets the user upload their floor plan to the application. After it has been successfully uploaded, the user can insert walls, doors, and windows as required. You can even play around with custom interior finishes too.
Roomstyler offers a very easy-to-understand user interface which makes it perfect for planning novices. You can move around the camera by swiping. Furthermore, choose from 120,000 brand names to create a kitchen plan or living room in a virtual setting. Best part! The application is completely free.

IKEA Home Planner Tools

We have all been to IKEA before. Little did we know about their rendering services. IKEA Home Planner Tools offer a virtual reality setting to guide 3D artists. If you wish to see how a certain bed, nightstand, or desk will look in your room, the 3D visualization application will let you do that very easily.
The application also offers a configuration setting where you can choose from official IKEA catalogs. It will calculate the furniture cost. Other real estate options include a virtual kitchen tour, a bedroom and bathroom planner, and storage divers. IKEA Home Planner Tool is very useful if you wish to do things the right way the first time.

Design a Room

Design a Room is another 3D visualization platform to help you…design a room. It doesn’t get more obvious than that. The architectural lending application will let you explore different colors of flooring, walls, cabinetry, and countertops. There is no need to physically browse the shops and peruse through their heavy weighing catalogs.
Select the room you wish to decorate upon installing the app. The next option involves choosing a style such as modern, cottage, contemporary, or fusion. The fun doesn’t stop there—collaborate with PPG and Benjamin Moore paints that complement your room.


We mentioned Roomstyler earlier. How about Homestyler? The same minds created the real estate architectural visualization tool at AutoCAD, 3Ds Studio Max, and REVIT. Homestyler does not require any certification to operate. Its user interface is simple drag-and-drop, a motion you are well familiar with. Just create your design and then drag them onto the interface.
The application makes 3D rendering much easier with its three-dimensional floor plans and design tools. You can decorate kitchen cabinets and bedroom walls and choose applications to ensure the living space reflects your personality.

The Home Renovator

What makes The Home Renovator so special? The architectural rendering tool goes above and beyond by letting the user select drywall and insulation options. The user can also virtually work on other real estate aspects such as decks and floor tiles.
The Home Renovator offers a worksheet to calculate the surface area to efficiently employ its renovation tools. The application will inform the user how much material is required against the budget provided. Furthermore, the user will also learn how the material is cut and placed. The chef’s kiss is the option to negotiate with the local vendor to settle on a mutually agreeable price.

Sweet Home 3D

The next virtual tour we will present is completely free, though it does require a username and password. Don’t worry, the registration won’t cost you anything. The architectural visualization platform is called Sweet Home 3D.
The platform showcases a 2D plan for an aerial view of the room. However, the user can also view room layout and furniture in 3D. As a result, you can completely customize and manipulate real estate virtual reality. There is also a premium version for an extra price that allows the users to export their floor plan.

Smart Draw

Smart Draw is quite useful for 3D artists who have been working in architectural renderings in real estate for some time. The 3D rendering platform offers timelines, flowcharts, and marketing assessments for successfully creating a floor plan. You can plan for office spaces, open spaces, apartments, or even separate rooms.
Smart Draw works wonderfully for homeowners and business planers. You get a limited time to experience its features as the complete version is for paid users only. However, it’s a small price to pay to work with preloaded plans, cars, furniture, and an extensive selection of building materials.


HomeByMe initially started as a 2D rendering service. However, it recently developed into one of the most used architectural 3D rendering services platforms. The user can create a completely custom floor layout by selecting furniture and room accessories.
The platform will first build the floor plan in 2D. When the user is satisfied with the progress, the plan is converted into a 3D visualization. The walls erect as per commanded and, resultantly, the user will experience a virtual tour of the interior design. Alas! HomeByME is web-enabled, meaning the user must have a stable internet connection to truly experience the platform’s 3D rendering services.

Décor matters

Décor matters! That’s not an introductory remark but the name of the following architectural rendering application. DecorMatters converts real-life décor into virtual reality, and it is sincerely a step forward for augmented reality and artificial intelligence combined.
DecorMatters uses blockchain technology to create a virtual community. The users are rewarded with style points, virtual coins, and levels. You can create virtual real estate based on pre-provided templates. Furthermore, you can also post the creations online and engage with the community. If you become an established creator, your profile will receive product recommendations from official outlets too.

Magic Plan

You don’t need magic to design a room, but you do need Magic Plan. It is a 3Dvisualization application available on phones, and you can create a custom floor plan based on scanned photos from real life. With the help of the feature, the user can create a room design with a single picture. Furthermore, there is no need to adopt scaling too.
The application is perfect for newer designers dabbing their toes in virtual reality rendering services. Magic Plan offers a careful selection of designing tools to choose from. However, there are more advanced applications available. We suggest working with Magic Plan and then moving on to complex platforms as you gain experience.


The architectural rendering platform we shall mention now has won a Webby award because of its simplistic interface. Amikasa is a virtual reality real estate application for intermediate 3D artists. Perhaps a primary reason for its success is that users can create a custom floor plan using branded products. It gives the users an estimate of the budget and what the room will actually look like.
Once the user is finished designing the room, Amikasa will provide a virtual tour using its architectural rendering services. If you are pleased with your talent, share the real estate virtual reality on your social media to receive glorying reviews.


Merge the architectural rendering services and a shopping experience by downloading Hutch. Simply upload a scanned picture of the room and let the application do its work. The platform will take you on a virtual tour to shop from numerous brands.
Hutch offers a unique picture-capturing technology that recognizes the structure as well as the space. It will analyze which products will look best in the setting. Hutch is advertised as Snapchat but for furniture, beds, walls, and other components of real estate. Now you can virtually browse different stores without being confused. Hutch will provide a clear sense of direction for the user to renovate their humble abode.


When you launch Brightnest, you are required to complete a survey. This isn’t a market survey but rather to enhance your user experience later. Brightnest feels pride in providing a complete personalized 3D rendering experience, and the platform offers advice that caters to every user differently.
The user can set reminders or schedules to continue being on track which makes the application so much better. Furthermore, the 3D visualization platform also offers a reading section. The readers can browse different articles to feel inspired before decorating. In addition, Brightnest will provide a completely custom set that is unique to the survey submitted earlier. No two user interfaces will be the same!

Zillow Digs

We have all heard of the extensive real estate marketplace Zillow. The same minds provide the rendering service to bridge real estate and interior design through virtual reality. Zillow Digs will inspire you to step out of your comfort zones and browse brands you wouldn’t usually before.
The architecture rendering service provides real-time cost estimation before you execute a project. This allows you to stay within budget rather than over-spending until too late. Some features include wall painting and furniture setting to liven up the virtual reality on a free platform.


The name is very befitting since this platform's architectural 3D rendering services will allow you to design your new Houzz(house). The application was named one of CNN's best 50 architectural renderings platforms. It has over seven million home decorating ideas with a high-resolution interface.
Houzz offers the unique services of an idea book—a catalog where the user can browse for inspirations and even communicate with professionals to bring their ideas to life. Conceptualizing is the first step in recognizing design theme, color, and aesthetic. You can draw directly onto the floor plan or marks spaces to annotate images.

Home Design 3D Gold

Are you struggling to partition rooms? It is a daunting step that can go very wrong quickly. Therefore, we suggest doing it in a virtual reality setting by using Home Design 3D Gold. 3D artists use the architectural rendering platform to partition alongside installing doors and windows.
The user can place furniture and install fixtures before experiencing a virtual tour, and you can even walk through the plan to improve it in a 3D setting. The app comes in two versions, but to experience its limitless features, we suggest working with the full version.


Havenly will offer professional user advice while creating a room in virtual reality. The feature is beneficial if the user suffers from the interior bloc, especially when you cannot afford expert advice. The architectural rendering platform offers a simplified approach toward interior design by comparing similar items from different manufacturers.
Upload a picture of the room to Havenly or any room you are interested in decorating. Next, choose the interior design theme based on personal preference and involve expert help until the virtual tour becomes a reality. If you are satisfied with the interior design, you can even hire them in real life.


Lastly, on the list of architectural rendering platforms, we present Rooomy. The virtual reality setting involving furniture and floor planning can be very intimidating. However, Roomy converts 2D pictures into a 3D virtual reality effortlessly. The user can place art and furniture from official outlets with embedded links to purchase if necessary.
The interior decorating items are available in numerous colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles. However, the architectural rendering platform may crash if you up the resolution too much. Therefore, please stay in the average resolution setting and remember to save the room after editing it each time.

Comparison Chart

The Final Verdict

The architectural visualization services mentioned above will help users design, draw, create, and visualize their real estate methodically. Whether it is a room, kitchen, or living room, picking Zarender, the CGI architectural 3D rendering agency, can make all the difference. We work objectively by envisioning the final picture.