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How to distinguish a high-quality render from a low-quality one? Part 1

Interior rendering
If you want to be sure that a high-level job was done for you, if you, as a customer, want to be able to make the correct changes, you should read this post!


Let's start with composition:

Composition is the well-balanced proportions of an image. Each composition in the frame is designed for specific tasks. There are basic rules when an image is conditionally divided into three parts vertically and horizontally. The main elements of the image are exposed at the intersections of these thirds to attract the beholder's attention.

The rule of thirds in composition

Sometimes in 3d renderings, you can find a symmetrical composition when the horizon line and the main element are strictly in the center of the image. In most cases, this option is considered unsuccessful! Also, if the viewer has nothing to catch his eye, then the composition of the frame is broken!

A perspective interior rendering


Well-exposed light is a guarantee of realism. Sometimes such a render is not easy to distinguish from a photo.

Light in a rendered interior

Remember this: an object in an image always has one lit side, one side with its own shadow, and the deepest shadow in an image is continuously cast. The direction of lighting affects our perception of form.

It is continued in the next post!