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How to distinguish a high-quality render from a low-quality one? Part 2

3d exterior


When there is a strong contrast or burnt color in the render or the brightness or juiciness is too high. The perception of objects in the image is distorted.


Bad renders can be identified by tiling. Tiling is a repetition (copying) of the surface texture of an element: on the facade, on the ground, on grass, asphalt, and so on. These problems mean that the designer did not spend too much time on realism and quality.


Details are the creation of a script inside the render: the presence of people, and trees, drawing blades of grass on the lawn, and arranging lanterns and leaves along the edges of the road. There should be some story and movement in the frame.

The details also include the elaboration of the interiors in the background. Without more information, the picture will look unrealistic.