How much does 3D Rendering Cost?

Also important to consider, is the size of the project, the level of detail required, and the budget. A typical 3D rendering assignment can cost between 100 USD to 10000 USD. The upper limit is a typical charge at a professional 3d rendering agency. For a single image render of a small home, the 100 dollars could be applicable.

But don’t expect a well-done job for that price. This bottom-tier price is a preserve of a startup rendering agency or freelancers getting into the trade. On the flip side, a high-rise building or shopping mall will need several images. Each level is also rendered separately. This makes the final invoice a tidy 5 figures.

3d rendering services costs are either on a per-project basis or per image. As the project scope gets more detailed and intensive, the cost per project works best. When the deliverable is an image or two then per image charges are suitable.

Let’s look at the factors affecting the final price.

Factors that influence the cost of renders

3D rendering studios and professionals have various pricing models but they are informed by a few key factors.

  • Type of 3d rendering - Since 3D renders are used for marketing purposes, the more alluring the images the easier it is to sell out a project. For that reason, interior renders, exterior renders are some of the common types of render options available. More advanced options include 3D animation and virtual tours. The type of render used also depends on the project. Small residential projects will only need one exterior image and one interior image.
For grand projects, the whole gamut comes into play. From exterior and aerial renders with various perspectives to detailed interior images showing elevations where necessary.
  • The complexity and detail needed - The difference between a well-done render and a shoddy job comes down to the details involved. As determined by the final modeling approach. The texturing, lighting, and camera angles, and also the fine finishing at the post-production stage. Given a final image render, you can notice the errors. But a professional job is flawless to the untrained eye and the pros alike.

  • The number of views/perspectives - Perspective enhances the value and appeal of a project. Different views of the same project - both interior and exterior - means detail is well taken care of. On that variable, the cost goes up as compared to a single image presentation.

  • The option to deliver an animation or virtual reality tour - When a virtual tour animation becomes part of the deliverables, the scale of work needed to complete the job goes up. The equipment and skill needed to create a good virtual tour presentation must also be top of the class. The bill won't be on the lower hundreds of dollars. Animations comprise still renders and a few environmental staging components. This makes them the most complex and expensive to deliver.

A virtual reality tour is composited from still images without the necessity of extra modeling. A virtual reality tour can cost anywhere from $500 to $ 1,000. Charged by the minute, animation can cost up to $10,000 in some cases and the floor figure above $1,000.
As much as the software and hardware determine the price in some quarters, the final job is what matters. You can have the best equipment and software and still produce a shoddy job. We, thus don’t consider that as a factor.

Those are some of the most influential factors in 3D rendering costs. For better understanding let’s explore the costs involved in the various types of 3D rendering.

How much does 3D Interior rendering cost?

A basic interior design rendering service which is a single image job can cost anywhere from 400 dollars. Basic doesn’t denote cheap in quality but basic details as per the project. Once again a comparison of a small residence and a skyscraper will not match in rendering demands.

Fees for interior rendering can scale up to $1,000 per image. The final product will comprise, detailed furniture and walk-through modeling. The detail needed and type of project will either call for a high price tag or an affordable fee. The expected timelines for delivery are between 3 days and 8 days depending on the number of images.

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How much does 3D Exterior rendering cost?

There is more work involved in delivering an exterior render. Because you must stage the building which is the center of focus in a convincing environment.

Details might include beautiful landscape, people, and lots of work on the lighting. The camera angles enhance the final render for a perfect look.

The price tag for a good job starts at $500 and could go up to $1500 depending on the agency or studio. That is a per-image quotation

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There is more work involved in delivering an exterior render than an interior render...

How much does a virtual tour rendering cost?

A still render can be transformed into a breathtaking 360-degree view of a property.

From a production point of view, the work involved is not as intense as a 3D animation. That makes the cost less prohibitive.

Virtual tours take various names including panoramas. The cost for these kinds of renders starts at $ 750 and can stack up to 2000 per image based on the level of detail.

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How much does a 3D animation rendering cost?

For any high-end project, the presentation and marketing involved are a notch higher. That calls for extra supporting assets like a 3D animation. Besides the regular quick 3D images. Which demands a higher level of expertise and manpower. Coupled with good hardware to deliver the final product.

The team involved in delivering a 3D project will comprise a group of talented individuals in big studios. They include a project manager, 3D modeling artist, an animation artist. A texture artist and compositor complete the talent needed.

In small studios, those roles need one or two people. Some multi-skilled artists can handle most of those roles. That commands high fees. 3D animation is charged per minute or per second depending on the source. For a professional delivery, the least you should expect to pay is $2500 per minute. That goes up as the brief becomes complex.

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For a professional 3D animation, the least you should expect to pay is $2500 per minute

How much does 3D aerial rendering cost?

Aerial renders are the best views to appreciate a project in its entirety.

It is from a vantage view that you can see the landscape, roads that neighbor the property, and also the terrain. For shopping malls, you can visualize the number of parking spaces available.

The camera angle and distance will depict an aerial view. This is developed from a zoomed-out still 3D render. The price per image for aerial 3D rendering starts at $ 1000 dollars and goes up as the details increase.

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We hope this breakdown has helped you understand the costs of 3d rendering services